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Physical Components of Self-Care

I’m going to start with the area of self-care where people tend to be aware of the need to take care of this component of themselves. Typically, the conversation is about exercise, and nutrition. I do think we ought to go a bit further to identify some other components of physical self-care. I do wish to mention that, the focus on exercise and nutrition isn’t about a particular physique or losing weight but doing all the things that we need to do to feel well and function well. I also operate from an anti-diet framework, or rather health at EVERY size. Both of these have allowed for a more positive image of myself and other people. Below we will explore what I consider the 9 highlights, or dimensions, of physical self-care and how to incorporate them into your lifestyle.

Discover the 9 physical components of self-care and how to incorporate them into your lifestyle. From movement to rest, nourish your body for optimal well-being.

9 Dimensions of Physical Self-Care

1. Movement

I prefer to use the word movement because going for a walk can be as physically beneficial or more than intense exercise. Pick what movements makes you feel good. Even if you can’t devote an hour, you can do spirts of 10-15 minutes. Micro self-care for the win!

2. Check-ups

Seeing your medical professionals, dental professionals, wellness coaches, and more. Yes, I’m from Canada, and so for us lots of things are covered, but you can also look at extended benefits to see what is covered, or try and budget it out. Making sure that you are well physically is important.

3. Nutrition

Food is fuel, and food is fun. Eat what fuels you. Have some fun in there too! Typically eating from a variety of food groups, with a variety of colours of food can be a great place to start on nutrition.

4. Muscle Care

Go for a massage, or trade massages with a friend. This is helpful for your muscles and for relaxation

5. Water

Drink Water! Water helps your brain operate in the best way possible. Water also helps with the process of eliminating waste.

6. Alcohol

Avoid or reduce consumption of alcohol. I love wine. There, I said it, so part of my process in physical self-care is determining when and how much alcohol, and making sure I balance it with water and vitamins to help my organs function optimally.

7. Vitamins

Consult with your health practitioners but this can be a way to help supplement what you are already doing and how that can impact your life. At JWaugh Wellness we have partnered with Viome, which custom makes supplements based on exactly what you body needs, and nothing it doesn't.

8. Rest

Yes, we all need sleep. Sleep and other forms of rest are critical for your body to recover and be able to function optimally.

9. Skin Protection

Wear sunscreen – your skin will thank you!

Well, this may all seem overwhelming and you probably already know to do a lot of these things! Start

small – adopting a few small habits (such as pairing drinking a glass of water just before brushing your teeth) can be the best way to build in those habits and focus on your body!


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