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Choose your pricing plan

  • Monthly Coaching

    Every month
    Ideal for individuals seeking a structured monthly check-in to keep their progress on track
    • One focused coaching session per month (60 minutes)
    • Tailored action plans and recommendations
    • Limited email or text support for quick questions
    • Periodic accountability check-ins
  • Bi-Weekly Coaching

    Every month
    Tailored for those desiring personalized guidance and accountability support
    • Two focused coaching sessions per month (60 minutes each)
    • Personalized plans and goal review
    • Email or text support for questions and encouragement
    • Accountability check-ins between sessions
    • 7-day meal plan per month
  • Weekly Coaching

    Every month
    Great for individuals seeking hands-on support & close guidance for consistent progress and growth
    • Four focused coaching sessions per month (60 minutes each)
    • Intensive goal setting, progress tracking, & adjustments
    • Unlimited email or text support for guidance & motivation
    • Accountability check-ins for momentum & to drive progress
    • 7-day meal plan per week
    • Exclusive option to purchase meal prep (Las Vegas Only)
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